Stray Kids’s Felix Gets Ready for the Louis Vuitton Show in Barcelona | Last Looks | Vogue

While practicing how to say “bonjour” and “très bien” with the Vogue France team, Felix, member of k-pop superstars ‘Stray Kids,’ heads to Barcelona to attend the Louis Vuitton Cruise 2025 show.

“My first time here in Barcelona. I’m just starting to love this country,” says Felix as he soaks in the vitamin D on the shores of the Spanish metropolis. While cloaked in a silver-lined coat, hands covered in white gold, the Australian rapper and singer speaks with Vogue France about walking the runway for Nicolas Ghesquière’s Louis Vuitton, learning all about “ouah,” and the incredible impact of Stray Kids’s music around the globe.

Director: Willy Ormaetxea
Journalist, Social & Video Editor At-Large: Hugo Compain
Barcelona Production: Berta Pàmies
Head of Production: Amaury Delcambre
Production Coordinator: Meryl Marciano
Production Assistant: Pauline Sarlande
Video Casting Manager: Adèle Ligerot
Video Casting Coordinator: Sarah Tauxe
Gaffer: Andrés Leonardo Rojas
Assistant Cameraman and Sound: Joel Kashila
Editor: Antoine Dulau
EN Color Garde: Rafael Sultan
Mix Engineer: Manuel Lormel
Motion Design: Gabriel Delmas
Post-Production Manager: Agathe Romain
Post-Production coordinator: Edouard Condat
Motion Design Assistant: Hanae Khennoussi
Video Development: Louise des Ligneris
Video Programming: Stéphanie Amaya
Video Operations: Marie Jaso
Video Director: Thomas Leroy
Head of Editorial Content: Eugénie Trochu
Special Thanks to Louis Vuitton

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