Céline Dion Breaks Down 13 Looks, From 1991 to Now | Life in Looks | Vogue

Legendary recording artist and Vogue France cover star Céline Dion sits down to take a look back at some of her most memorable fashion moments. The “Queen of Power Ballads” reminisces about her wedding to René, “looking good” in red at the Tonys, taking the stage at the Academy Awards for “Titanic,” wearing a replica ‘Heart of The Ocean’ in Paris in 2019, and more.

Director: Elina Street
Director of Photography: Alexa Carroll
Editors: Katie Wolford, Evan Allan
Development Lead: Louise des Ligneris
Social & Video Editor At-Large: Hugo Compain
Producer, Vogue: Amaury Delcambre
Associate Producer: Lea Donenberg
Production: PRODn
Assistant Director: Natalia Loff
Camera Operator: Alice Boucherie
Assistant Camera: Melanie St. Clair
Gaffer: Ariel Nehorayoff
Audio: Edwin Diagon
Set Designer: Elaine Winter
Set Design Assistant: Aidan Lapp
Production Coordinator: Ava Kashar
Production Manager: Natasha Soto-Albors
Line Producer: Romeeka Powell
Senior Director, Production Management: Jessica Schier
Assistant Editor: Justin Symonds
Post Production Coordinator: Ian Bryant
Supervising Editor: Erica DeLeo
Post Production Supervisor: Alexa Deutsch
Senior Talent Manager: Adèle Ligerot
Director, Video, Condé Nast France: Thomas Leroy
Director of Content, Production: Rahel Gebreyes
Senior Director, Programming: Linda Gittleson
VP, Digital Video English: Thespena Guatieri
Special Thanks: Youssef Marquis, Entertainment and VIP consultant

00:00 – “We’re rolling, everybody.”
00:23 – 1991 – Television Concert Special
01:22 – 1994 – Wedding to René Angélil
03:37 – 1997 – 51st Annual Tony Awards
04:17 – 1998 – 70th Annual Academy Awards
06:38 – 1999 – 71st Annual Academy Awards
07:21 – 2003 – VH1 Diva Duets
08:08 – 2017 – Paris
08:44 – 2017 – Billboard Music Awards
09:21 – 2017 – Céline Dion Takes Paris Vogue Video
09:40 – 2019 – Moulin Rouge
10:06 – 2019 – Met Gala “Camp: Notes on Fashion”
11:02 – 2019 – Paris
12:06 – 2024 – 66th Annual Grammy Awards

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