This is me. Partnering with Crocs to say…

May 28, 2017

This is me. Partnering with Crocs to say: Be Yourselfie! Make a post that shows how you #ComeAsYouAre here:

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  • I have a idea for a show. Please contact me. Don’t want money or fame just think its good and only need five minutes will talk to you rep first

  • Love how much Our personality Match. I know I say it all the time but Must be the being born on the same day and year thing. Love the face 😁

  • I love that you share about loving your crocs. I love you in every movie you did. One of my favs is ’50 First Days’ You inspired me to make my own Waffle House but out of ceramics.

  • Keep being a great person to everyone, and keep working on your great art collection.Lots of good pieces all over the world, including Canada.Remember the ET movie you were in and watch out for the mean ones.Best wishes.

  • I love you drew but the word goofy hurts me and I’m gonna prove to the world I can change my life I struggle with my teeth I was born with problems of my teeth but one day I become a hansom man I care about you and olive and frankie yeah I got the hots for you I know you know that I like you rumours get around x x

  • About charming Drew Barrymore! To be beautiful and charming is always Drew Barrymore not only yuor desire and dream! Elves – are beautiful and magnificent always. Time doesn’t age the elf never! Hundred years are for life of the elf only an instant and minute. Eternity – elves are young and beautiful.,

    Greetings Earthling!
    We are writing to personally invite you to join our planet. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is to join Unbreakable Angels Society! As a society, we set out to do awesomely inspiring things for people! Hold a door, dress up as a Teletubby and spread cheer or rainbow glitter! All we ask is that you film before/after/during or take pictures so we can share posts of goodwill to make the world smile!
    Our members take pride in knowing that fun can change a life. We are on a mission to get one million members so we can donate a life changing amount of money to help out sick children and families in need. The only requirement is to have fun and inspire 4 super fun individuals to join our movement! Get family, friends, pets, or illegal aliens involved! Do something creatively awesome for someone else once a day, once a week, we don’t care about the frequency, just so long as you make someone smile.
    As a thank you from your fellow earthlings for becoming a member and for supporting our mission, we personally mail you an 8 day, 7 night condo stay at your choice of over 600 destinations worldwide! (sorry, other planets declined the offer) Please visit our site today @ and join the movement!

    “I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
    -Mother Teresa-
    “Do things for people not because of who they are or what they do in return, but because of who you are.”
    -Mother Teresa-

  • I ♥♥ Crocs! They were the only thing that fit at the end of my pregnancies and after! So comfy! Send some my way!! 😉😉

  • Drew you are forever my number one. I knew I’ve had a connection to crocs this long for a reason! Love you forever and always. 🌼💖🌼

  • when i hear the word croc (crocs) I think of my 65 yr old dad in a pair of blue crocs in a sweat outfit lol he’s pretty stylish

  • Somewhere away – far blossoms and flickers unusual and magic – an iridescent flower! At an iridescent flower of different color and coloring each surprising and unique petal. What color of a petal you will choose – such will be moods and colors.

  • I Love “My Date With Drew” It was so gracious of you to meet with your fan and give him a video camera! 👍👍👍😃

  • Siempre te he admirado eres una mujer muy guapa y sexi espectacular muchas bendiciones y exitos chao

  • Came as u are, as friend, as lover, as what u want to be, just bring up it u the happiness

  • awesome i love crocs keep it real drew<3

  • Watching First Dates and loving it so far 😏

  • You’ve got a BIG heart. 😇

  • I am a keen man myself.

  • Way cool. Happy Easter.

  • Annie on First Dates looks like Eden Sher on “THE MIDDLE”

  • Yesss – be yourself – good idea. Have fun:)