Thank you for the best birthday salute…..

May 30, 2017

Thank you for the best birthday salute…this really sums it up! Love you Ellen DeGeneres!

Happy birthday, Drew Barrymore. You’re a gift to the world. And my show. And me.

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  • You are amazing, Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day was filled with joy and love!! Seriously can’t remember a time in my life that I haven’t admired you!! Thank you for a lifetime of inspiration to be a better person!!

  • Happy Birthday Drew ! I hope you are having a fantastic day ! You have been my favorite actress and idol ever since I saw you as Lucy Whitmore in 50 first dates at the age of eleven years old. I can’t imagine my life without you ! You are a beautiful person inside and out. I love you so much ! Xoxo 😘🎉🎂😊🎈🎁💕💥

  • You’re awesome!! Happy Birthday!!! PS: In the middle of reading your book– it’s great 🙂 and watched the whole season of Santa Clarita Diet— Sooooo funny!!! Love that show!!! Hubby and I can’t wait for more 🙂 Enjoy your day!!

  • Happy Birthday Beautiful Drew. Hope it’s the Best day. You are my absolute FAVE! Just watched the Wedding Singer for the zillionth time today with my unwell daughter home from school. She’s only up to about her 5the time 😂 I was hoping (!!!) we would bump into you when we visited LA. Haha. 😍😋🤓❤️🤗😉😻😃😘😜❤️

  • Drew, everyone tells me that my daughter and I look like you. I just looked up your family tree and yes, we are distant cousins! Happy Belated Birthday Cousin!! You are Lovely!❤️

  • A wonderful actor who makes me smile when I’m feeling low … p.s I hope there will be another season of Santa Clarita diet just brilliant ☺

  • Literally my favourite person! So funny and gorgeous! If i could meet and hang out with any celebrity it would be drew barrymore ❤️ happy birthday 🎉

  • you are such an amazing woman and actress. Such a roll model for not only my two teenage girls, but to young woman all over the world. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  • Happy Birthday Drew! Ellen knows what’s up 🙂 You truly are a gift to the world. Hope you had a phenomenal birthday today. All the best!!!

  • Hi Drew Barrymore how are you? I couldn’t just ignore this and not say anything about it in case it is true it was a news video about alot of rain and earthquakes in California I think some actors and actresses live there also in the news video he said that there’s not any warnings or reports to let those know that live in California I hope it isn’t true I was told by one person not to worry in a comment I couldn’t help to worry seeing it on my Mom’s phone I’m a concerned fan and I hope you had a nice Birthday I wish there was a way I could message the ones I’m fans of.

  • To the woman who always smile with her heart❤… a woman of strength and full of. love.. Happiest birthday 🎉 to you. God bless your heart ❤ always. More wonderful endeavors and continue touching more. lives..

  • Congratulations, my life I have shared seeing you in movies, I have grown laughing with you, and you deserve all the good that the universe brings you, from Madrid, Spain, happy day.

  • Happy belated birthday Drew! You’re the only celebrity I’ve ever wanted to meet since I was a kid. You’re amazing and beautiful and have an energy that has lifted me up throughout my life. Thank you thank you.

  • Drew Barrymore and spring, March and smiles and the sun and a groundhog already woke up from hibernation. The nature comes to life from cold of winter and music around plays. The emerald grass, leaves and bright spring flowers give mood to all people. Nicole – the queen of cinema and the spring joker!

  • Happy Birthday Drew! Sorry it was a little late but I was busy celebrating My Birthday too with My kids. I love that We have the Same Birthday even born the same Year 💜 I hope You had a amazing Birthday Xo

  • I love you. You have been my childhood and adulthood. You are an amazing inspiration. A beautiful woman. A great actress. A true talent in film and in life. Thank you for everything. Happy BIRTHDAY.

  • Drew, i’m a professional magician from Montreal and one of my dream is, to have you as a spectator/volunteer at one of my show !! Will it happen one day ???

  • Happy happy birthday to you, i love you so much i even named my baby girl dylan. Hugs and kisses. May the Lord bless you even more. Love you again

  • Happy Birthday, Drew Barrymore

    ‘Altered States’ was her acting premiere
    Long before she could drive or drink beer
    Drew was just five years old
    But a sight to behold
    With a penchant to charm and endear

    In ‘E.T.’ she played Gertie and scored
    Rave reviews and an Oscar Award
    Which ensured bigger parts
    In the cinema arts
    As her marketability soared

    She portrayed Casey Becker in ‘Scream’
    Which was held in the highest esteem
    In the slasher domain
    Where the jugular vein
    Gushes blood in a vigorous stream

    ‘Charlie’s Angels’ was box office gold
    Many millions of tickets were sold
    Then a sequel was shot
    And disparaged a lot
    For the ludicrous story it told

    In ‘Music and Lyrics’ she played
    Sophie Fisher, who comes to the aid
    Of an aging musician
    Who craves recognition
    When most of his skills had decayed

    So let’s wish Happy Birthday to Drew
    Who is known from L.A. to Peru
    And New York to Nepal
    As a talented gal
    Who’s still foxy at age forty-two

  • I love this chick so much never met her but all the movies and interviews since I was a child like watching an older sister grow up, I bet she give such great advice ❤

  • Happy Birthday Drew, I hope your special day is filled with nothing but love & happiness. All the best from one of your biggest fans in Canada 🌹