Ladies, did you hear the news?! FLOWER B…

May 30, 2017

Ladies, did you hear the news?! FLOWER Beauty has a new and improved website where you can now order directly from! This little lady below will be the first to greet you when you open that box in the mail!

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  • So glad today turned out better. When things get tense like this morning then the best thing to do is breathe and keep positive thoughts.
    The website looks excellent. Great opening photo and the colors are soft and cozy that fit perfectly for the site. Nice job!

  • Why are you doing “Santa Clarita Diet”? It is a disgusting plot line and only teaches and sensationalizes yet another violence is ok message. You typically are in fun, uplifting movies. This is not one. #disappointed

  • Why is Australia still waiting for Flower 🌺 Beauty to be available in our major leading stores. Our cosmetic range Needs to be exfoliated & be introduced to some new & unique products. Please make this happen.

  • Drew Barrymore – a charm and female beauty! Drew – the woman who changes images. As seasons turns from snow winter into the blossoming spring! The woman – which as a flower is dismissed, laughs and rejoices to the sun.

  • Are you going to have international shipping? I read last year you are supposed to be getting stock in the U.K. Any news in that regard?

  • But you can’t order and send to Australia!! 😢😢 #flowerbeauty #drewbarrymore

  • Yes you are drew, not trying to be a creep, but I think I’m in love lol just kidding but seriously I do love you as an actress.

  • Just wanted to say Happy Birthday Drew! I did a speech on you in college, you’ve always been an inspiration to me! I hope you have a fabulous birthday and many more to come! 😍😘

  • Hi Drew Barrymore, I know you were busy at the Flower where the slogan is love the way you look. The Continuing Story of Emerald City is dedicated to the memory of Robert Osborne whose time on TCM have illuminating restoration and digitally remastered films of hollywood’s golden age. His stars, his picks, his timeless, his charm and his brilliances had made us who we are in the hollywood community. He was an actor, a guest starring role star, a columnist, an author and lover and friend of yours since 2010 and 2011 on the essentials. In the month ahead, Reena Kapoor the star of Woh Rehne Waali Mehlon Ki and Salman Khan of Rajshri fame will host for Robert on his passing with feature called The Bollywood Essentials made that made Bollywood a name. Reena Kapoor on Saturday and Kareena Kapoor on Sunday will kick off a weekend of films this month Bollywood Extreme their theme for TCM Spotlight. Robert’s unique talent can be seen on and archive they’ll set aside for us starting 1995 when he host his first TCM Film, Gone With Wind. Here’s grace to Ben and people here on Turner Classic Movies and he’ll always be there in heaven with stars of hollywood. Let’s Movie and Let’s remember Robert Osborne next sunday all day and all night. – Your Fan, Ronnie Peterson. P.S. We owe you, Drew 10 toes of freedom.

  • Between you in poison ivy alicia in crush and reese in freeway dont know whose character was the craziest love my 90s actresses

  • So beautiful. Wish these productions be saled in Taiwan

  • So happy to hear this because I was very disappointed that you chose Walmart to sell the products at in the first place.

  • Your website doesn’t like me:( I’ve tried several times to buy a few things and t won’t work. I’ve double checked about a hundred times to make sure I put in the right numbers and address so I know it’s not me. I won’t give up yet tho😉🌸

  • Happy Birthday Drew! 42 Isn’t too shabby, you still look in your 20’s.


  • I was reading a press release about your accident on set ……hope your ok and your heads none the worst for wear

  • Happy birthday to u my idol!
    Hope u can sign up my book Wildflower 🙂

  • So disappointed that Walmart in Ontario is no longer carrying Flower ☹️

  • just wanted to wish you a happy birthday, you rock, don’t stop being you!

  • Happy Birthday, Drew! Love the film “My Date With Drew!” Wish it was me. Enjoy your special day! 👍😍

  • Happy birthday, Drew Barrymore!