I want to share our second FLOWER Beauty…

May 16, 2017

I want to share our second FLOWER Beauty #TipTuesday video with you! I hope you enjoy it! Afraid to try a bright, bold color on your lips? In this week’s Tip Tuesday, Drew lets you in on one of her favorite makeup artist secrets – balancing a bold lip with a creme eyeshadow.

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  • First one

  • I love Tip Tuesdays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Drew is so nice.

  • awesome


  • i can watch her no matter what she’s talking about, even though this has nothing to do with me, she’s great

  • Chinese fighting muffins

  • Now tell us about blushes for blondes

  • That’s easy… Let me kiss those lips, then again only if there Drew’s Big hug x 😉

  • I love u, Drew:) just wanted u to know I named my first daughter after u, ur so beautiful and talented. Thank u for blessing the world with ur talent and knowledge. I love u:) ur #1 fan, Heather Patenaude xoxoxoxoxo

  • I believe that more men will watch these then women. Hubba Hubba DB!

  • a flower among many beautiful flowers like you drew

  • aww i love her! 🙂

  • Is this line coming to Canada???

  • I wanted to marry you Drew, I seen all yr Great GrandFathers movies…

  • Are you aware that walmart is one of the biggest companies working to slow the fight for LGBTQ equality? they refuse to offer benefits to Same-sex partners, do not have transgender health care policies, and they fund anti-LGBTQ politicians. this does not seem like you Drew, and I’m sad to hear you are selling your products via Walmart.

  • u r very beautiful drew..

  • A bold lip tell me more…lol

  • loves ya Drew !! keep up the great work..

  • want this in canada please

  • I am so proud of you! Will buy this makeup soon!

  • rose girls

  • You might want to tell Wallmart to stock their shelves with your product.

  • Hope Jimmy Fallon isn’t putting it on you.

  • por favor den la opción de traducir al español lo que dice Drew… para entender y apoyarla con sus productos, espero que ya estén en Chile, saludos linda!