I loved reading all of your beauty quest…

May 14, 2017

I loved reading all of your beauty questions yesterday – thanks for the comments! Today’s FLOWER Beauty Tip Tuesday video goes out to Tessa Bobessa, a bride to-be. Here are my tips for achieving a beautiful, long-lasting eye makeup look (perfect for brides on their special day!) http://brid.es/13jzEdu

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  • Hey Lovely Drew – you always come across as happy-go-lucky 🙂 Will your products come to Australia? I am a black eyeliner girl (not brown like you) and always like to try new brands at my local shops. And of course I’m a fan of your acting work!

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  • Love ypur Flower besuty product that I use daily the lipgloss shine love it wish to meet w you some day!🌷

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  • a million thank you’s to you Drew, if you only knew the behind the scenes roll you have played in my life you would only then fully understand what that video has meant to me. Thank you for the time out of your beyond busy beautiful life to give me some great tips and kind words about my big day….. so so so very special to me. Thank you Drew!!!!! I will never forget this 🙂 and I cant wait to show everyone how amazing your product and passion for beauty truly is!!!!!

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