Crocs dared me to wear mine to work, so …

May 29, 2017

Crocs dared me to wear mine to work, so I’m rocking my Isabellas while getting some copying done this morning! How do you #ComeAsYouAre? Check out the Crocs dare of the week and post your pics!

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  • I love that You and I have alot of the same likes and the same sense of Humor Must be the fact that We have the same exact Birthday even born the same Year but I am older by hours 😁 Love them Crocs

  • I adore my Crocs. They have made my knee pain disappear and are some of the only latex free shoes I can find. They are the only brand of shoes I have worn for the past five years!

  • Hello Drew Barrymore fisrt let me tell you I love you are a great actress ❤️‼ and want to Know when the Charlie angels 3 coming ❤️❤️ I love your movie 1 and 2 ‼❤️ wait for the 3 ❤️❤️ big love from Paris ❤️

  • If you are interested in a work from home opportunity, let me know! No prior experience is required. We get paid every friday. Great way to create an extra stream of income. Friend request me and inbox for more info. Canada residents can also join😊💶👍

  • Drew, we once stayed a the same house at Secret Beach in Kilauea, Kauai! I saw your message in the guest book, you loved the “horses” across the street! Come visit us in San Francisco and ride our horses in the beautiful hills of Marin County! Bring your babies!

  • I have cute Crocs that I wear as my driving shoes. I wear them into the office and then slip on my heels or boots. I know that at the end of the day, my feet are happy. 👠👣

  • Dear lovely lady those are not crocs in New Zealand. Those are called jandels. In Australia they are called flip flops. they are just and up market pair, not your basic pair.

  • My father shot her in the head my memory is back after over forty freaking aweful years. Please help me get back with my birth mother Lindsay Wagner. She played bionic woman and I think she forgot about me. I need her. Please I am Elizabeth Hill. I forgot. Stupid abducted dad did it. I know its wackadoo but I need someone to stand up I get abused as a no name. I am not a shifty eye poet on king of the hill etc. Please be like frozen sister and stop this

  • I never saw Crocs like that…mine are the old school kind with the holes that look like clogs kinda…most comfy shoes in the world…I wear em most of the time…only put gym shoes on when i feel like i need extra support for my feet and ankles…

  • I don’t know if you collect your grandfather’s works but there is an estate sale in Michigan that features a couple of his prints with signatures……

  • hello drew its weird to have page in facebook.i remember you from the et and waxworks2 that beauty on the bed with the jack the ripper 😛 old good days.nice to meet ya.and dont spend much time to a printer :pyou are so beautyfull 🙂

  • I’ve done that before! Don’t know what happened to my Crocs but I had two pairs. I don’t know why but it must be your office sense of adventure. I love you drew.

  • I have a question for all of you . why do Hollywood actress do dirty romance with old actors in their younger age like drew Berry more has also done in her movie poisen ivoy ….i think old actors are much rich and they might invest on movie as producer and get advantages by doing romance with young actress ugly way ….what you say about it ??

  • Sorry not really into the whole croc thing, but I do adore you. My favorite movie of yours is an old one. You were soooo young but I knew you were gonna be big. I have been your number one fan for so long drew. I have seen everyone of your films. You are such an awesome actress and a person. Love you drew, keep being yourself, love you.

  • I’ve been wearing croc’s to work for many, many years. I have about 10 different styles or more….including high heels but not the original croc style.

  • Hey.. Drew.. It’s true about my great grandmother.. She was staying in Hawaii for the longest time and this was after Owen had moved to Hawaii from Los Angeles I guess because Owen had the restaurant on Melrose where my mom worked at when she was a kid and Tom went deaf.. I think the most painful part of everything was Tom going deaf actually.. And then we always wanted to find out where he eats breakfast.. So they did or did not wrote that song for my mom actually.. A whiter shade of pale.. I like the song.. Especially now that we have this explanation of this Japanese artist who is standing on the beach like that with all this fervor that surrounds him.. Enlightenment for instance.. The musical artist.. The beauty of the Japanese.. To love him.. You can even see him..

  • No I don’t want you to remember crying sweetie. I did myself later. I am trying to know my mother Lindsay Wagner and have been in a fugue state for 40 years. Honest I need help here as I remember now living with her and so much up to age five. Please advocate. Love your work. You rock!

  • I think I’d be a lot nicer now… than I would have been in the 90s. I was kinda snarky…. didn’t see nice as a virtue… or at least not one I needed. Intelligent… warm… loving even…. but not nice. Yuh know… I kinda saw nice as something where you hide your true nature. Surfacey…. letting my emotions be honest. If I didn’t like someone…. I told them…. and took pride in that. Life needs more oil than that. I think if I ever met you…. I’d take time to learn your differences from me…. and maybe spend less time seeing why we’re similar. Why tell you this? I dunno… maybe cuz I think you’re better at being nice than me…. because there was a time… that you were less nice. Maybe cuz I think of you as I would a sister. It’s rare that I find that in a woman. Usually I can find a friend…. usually i can find a lover…. but to find a sister. That’s an awful nice thing. So. Hello. I’m just someone out here. A writer at least…. and I know I get into people’s heads… but not for profit. Just to say hi. There’s so many times that people in positions of power, fame, or influence have to keep to center… that it’s nice when someone says Hi. Saw a gal sitting there, she looked employed, but down. Kinda wanted to say hi. But kinda didn’t want to surprise her. Think I’d have been a little checking her out… but that’s not why I wanted to say hi…. although she might have liked it. So many times… beautiful people…. are alone. It’s nice to be alone for the right reasons though. And I think maybe that’s why I didn’t say hi to her. I’m saying hi to you…. for the right reasons too…. cuz it’s nice I think to appreciate the kind things that people can do. Hello to you. I’m The Cat. Not my only name…. but I like it like that. Why say hi? Cuz sometimes people are just friends we haven’t met yet. If I ever do meet you. I’d like to introduce you to someone that matters to me. I’d probably need to fade out as galgab begins…. but then…. from where I wandered off to…. my gal would smack her head… and you’d look… and she’d just look down…. but that’s ok… she’s used to me. she’d shake her head too. Just wanted to say hi drew!

  • You rock Drew! Great philosophies. Love the Documentary “My Date With Drew” You were so gracious to participate and give your fan a Video camera! 👍😍

  • I don’t know, if she did or did not know Liberace I guess.. I guess we had the music for that.. Maybe it was the sheet music that she was talking about I don’t know..

  • I remember when crocs were crocs and not sandles boots and shoes! 😀