Video: sorority surprise –

March 8, 2017

Surprised the Kappa Kappa Gamma girls at the University of Arkansas and dropped off some FLOWER Beauty and FLOWER Eyewear Back To School goodies. Enjoy the video! #BackToSchool

Video: sorority surprise –

Drew Barrymore surprises a sorority house in Fayetteville, AR.

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  • Drew you are absolutely adorable

  • Drew Barrymore, You are so AWESOME & SWEET, bet you made their day!!! Also I asked about your FLOWER beauty line when I stopped by a local ULTA (Rockwall, Tx) & the mgr was so rude when I ask did they carry the new natural FLOWER beauty line, WILL NEVER SHOP THERE!!! Also, love your new eye glass line & extremely cute commercial too. Love You, Tina #GoDrewGo #GreatJob

  • What a great way to market Drew! Good for you, I always thought you were a natural & so sweet from your films & that clip just proved me correct! ! You go girl, reach for your stars!! 💗

  • Down with Walmart! Their employees are paid so little they need food stamps. Please cancel your ads with them and read up on their business practices.

  • Drew, if you call me at The Michigan Theatre of Jackson, I have a story for you that is bound to make you smile. It’s about our business neighbor that named his business after you…”C.K. Barrymore.” It’s not that he named his business after you, but why he did. It’s really a great story. I promise.

  • Happy to have you in NWA Drew!

  • Just got back from The States and bought my first bunch of Flower makeup!!! So excited!!!!!!! 👏🏻👏🏻😊😁

  • Grey Gardens just watch the original what a perfect portrayal. .wanted jill yo watch for 3 years now we’re watching the original

  • Beautiful drew Barrymore…

  • I’m so sad you are leaving Hollywood but understand it’s for your girls i also wish you to talk of your great aunt Ethel i totally love her acting always on the net to know more about her, she seemed to be a very nice woman and now you are leaving sad day for me

  • Love you, Drew! You are so cool 😋

  • Omg. Drop some off for me. Walmart here doesn’t sell FLOWER.

  • Drew is a product of fame and fortune and yet she is a wonderful mom, great wife and all around super, caring person, unlike someone who exudes trash like kim and miley, etc

  • I miss your sweet flower face drew

  • Drew? Remember you did movies with Luke Wilson? The movies are Best Men (1997), Home Fries (1998), Charlie’s Angels (2000) and Charlie’s Angel: Full Throttle (2003). Luke’s birthday is today (Sept. 21).

  • Woo Pig <3

  • Love the Flower brand!!

  • I paint for a long time but this is the first time I paint a good girl and DAI was drew barrymore

  • You are so sweet Drew! Proud of you and your success!!

  • You are so beautiful iloveyou kiss

  • Drew’s too famous to come to Arkansas, says an Arkansan 😉 <3

  • luv you Drew

  • super cool

  • DRew you are soo AWESOME! Thanks for sharing! Will be getting my products soon.

  • Always beautiful and fresh!!!!! 🙂 🙂