The search for the Culinary Master of th…

March 3, 2017

The search for the Culinary Master of the Universe continues on Knife Fight TONIGHT! Starts 9|8c on the Esquire Network.

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Janet Jackson Flees From Abusive Relationship With Misogynistic Billionaire
Celeb Forum
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Celeb Forum
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Janet Jackson Flees From Abusive Relationship With Misogynistic Billionaire

Gossip God - Apr 10, 2017

Janet Jackson lived a version of modern day slavery when she married allegedly abusive husband, Quatari Muslim Billionaire Wissam Al…

Drew Barrymore
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TGIF and #FirstDates — Romance is aliv…

Gossip God - May 27, 2017

[ad_1] TGIF and #FirstDates -- Romance is alive and well! Tonight! Tune in 8/7 C on NBC![fb_vid id="1674273369266698"] [ad_2]

Drew Barrymore
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Christy Turlington is my hero! She is an…

Gossip God - May 26, 2017

[ad_1] Christy Turlington is my hero! She is an amazing woman and I am so happy to support her most…

Drew Barrymore
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Happy Mother’s Day!Thank you to all of t…

Gossip God - May 26, 2017

[ad_1] Happy Mother's Day![fb_vid id="10154699636806242"]Thank you to all of those who shared their one-of-a-kind mom stories with us. And to…

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