The Knife Fight Semifinals have arrived!…

March 2, 2017

The Knife Fight Semifinals have arrived! Sean Brasel, Angelo Sosa, Luis Bollo and Quino Baca battle for a spot in the tournament finals. Watch TONIGHT 9|8c on Esquire Network.

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Celeb Forum
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Celeb Forum
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Janet Jackson Flees From Abusive Relationship With Misogynistic Billionaire

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Janet Jackson lived a version of modern day slavery when she married allegedly abusive husband, Quatari Muslim Billionaire Wissam Al…

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  • Drew – I wrote your first and only commercial – Northern Paper Towels. This was just before ET, and you may remember we had 2 babies we switched out between takes, Your audition was terrific, and you were terrific in the commercial as well. Hope you are well and happy.

  • do celebrities really read our posts? i think it would be really cool to chat with Drew or to just hang out with a celebrity for a day to see what their life is really like.

  • Dear Ms. Barrymore: it has been so nice to see how happy you are in your new marraige and motherhood surely agrees with you. i am born on Feb 15th, so I do not even know if we are both Aquarians. I admire your tenacity and wish you the best. i know alot of people will write and tell you how great you are, but please believe me when i tell you, you, are truly a very respected figure in my life. All my best to you and your family…Happy Holidays, Ms. Barrymore…john gansley

  • Drew. I tried to copy your picture from the magazine. The black and white one that will be on the cover. I did a terrible job at it, but definitely tried. I hope you’d like to check it out for shits n giggles on my wall. Cheers! 🙂 Also… I can’t recall the name of the mag. I just got straight onto it as soon as I saw your photo. It’s inspiring! 🙂

  • Drew. really i m your big fan. i wants to see you in an indian movie. pls do something for your indian fans. love u n take care. always.

  • Check my page out and like..chef why not

  • Allah guide you and your children to do good, please help to Levant (Syrian) children

  • Hey Drew, Howie Swindell ,attorney at law. If you ever need a good lawyer who will screw the justice system, let me know. Watch me in action on youtube. Who Loves You.

  • Gotta see this Drew.

  • Hello my favorite actress..

  • watched Charlie’s angels today 😂😂😂

  • Cool post.

  • Đây chào chị e tên phương ở việtnam hì,helo chào chị

  • Marry me drew

  • Wao

  • .

  • I miss your sweet smile

  • i love you Quino….

  • Hello Ms. Barrymore , I know that you feel like me that no one should have to face racism in this country and the injustice that some of us must face on a daily basis. I would like for you to visit my website about the racism that Native Americans in the country must endure every football season.
    Racism in this country comes in many forms.
    REDSKIN – [Red-skin] Noun, A disparaging and offensive contemptuous term used to refer to a North American Indian.
    N-WORD – [nig-er] Noun, A disparaging and offensive contemptuous term used to refer to a black person.
    How can one be offensive and not the other? You cannot say the N-word on the radio, tv, or even in the newspapers or internet. Yet, the FCC allow the offensive word against Native Americans to be broadcast freely all over the media. Just like America could not turn a blind eye to Jim Crow and the N-word, or even the Confederate flag, we cannot turn a blind eye to this. If the word offends anyone, why do we use it?

  • Hi Drew same birthday as myself 8/5==22/2 photo update. (previously featured this year in a TBi magazine.)

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