My book, WILDFLOWER, comes out this Tues…

March 7, 2017

My book, WILDFLOWER, comes out this Tuesday or you can preorder a copy today! I am honored to have written this and I am honored to share it with you. Link below! #TGIF

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  • We’re listening to you read us #Wildflowerbook on Audible right now, and we must say that you are just wonderful at narrating. Happy pub day!

  • Thank you so much Drew for sharing your journey. So many young women will benefit from reading your book!! You have cut a wonderful path and I am so proud of everything you have accomplished!! Talent brains beauty and GRIT!! that last one is the magic ingredient that we can’t really figure out, but you have it girl!! Love you young lady!! <3

  • I recently found out my 8 year old daughter is being bullied in school, having kids tell her she is fat and ugly. I personally have very low self esteem, but I’m determined to set a better example and help her love who she is. I look forward to reading your book. I like your take on body image and self acceptance. I had written a childrens book a while ago about telling my daughters they’re beautiful, and this recently bullying has made me revisit it and want to take it to the next step.

  • Loved you on Stern today!

  • Love this. Got my copy today. Can’t stop turning the pages. You are not only a literary genius, but a down to earth best friend. I applaud you, and your courage, real points of view and repeatability. I plan to share this with my own 15 year old daughter. Thank you.

  • I’m bringing my beautiful daughter in law to your Ann Arbor reading next Wednesday. It’s her birthday. Maybe you could sign her book. Rebecca Gz..

  • Can’t wait to read your book today! I enjoyed your interview this morning with Howard. 🌸

  • I just read your people magazine interview!! You are awesome and amazing much love sent your way!

  • Oh Drew You are such a beautiful person inside and out!
    I will definitely buy your book can’t wait!
    I’ll then share it with my daughter she’s always been fond of you and your acting and your sweet spirit!! Love you 💞

  • I’m really moved by your feelings about making people feel less alone. That’s why I do what I do. I just feel so happy for you and how your life turned out. 💖💖

  • if i share my feeling derect to u Drewbes with out having my face book compromised lady every thing i have said more is all true as for humior have to be the judge of that after all i never ment any of it to humior.

  • The fellow Staff and I, at think are hopes of creating a better tomorrow. Today must be reliant upon developing our most dynamic and positive dreams into reality. So we can ultimately actualize a better way of living for tomorrow; Today❤️🌎❤️😊All Are welcome if you are in need ❗️no matter what your spiritual beliefs may be , no mater what color you are , We are here to help those that need help , Period.😊

  • Will love to read your book…no matter how whacked out your childhood upbringing was , you are a great young woman and mom.🌺

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    Help me world please I think I’m God and this bombarding of information is stressing me to tell this information to the whole world governments and every celebrity I’m sorry 🙁
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  • Dear Drew I heard about your new movie well it reminds me of what happened to me I hope this finds it’s way to you. At 7 months pregnant doctors found I had a brain tumor they took the baby c-section and I went into brain surgery I ended up with a beautiful baby boy and a rare illness called panhypopituitary I would love to talk to you about it thanks for listening love and respect-Reina 👑

  • Looking forward to reading it Drew 🙂 Here’s a little kooky teaser trailer and angelic review of my super micro-budget potential web series Sharlie’s Angels!!! The new trio of Angels kickin
    butt on the web! Hope u like it 🙂 scroll down to find the Angels 🙂

  • I hope i can get a copy of this.. 😞

  • I’d love to look at your wild flower x

  • Yay! Excited to read it! Congrats on this accomplishment. 🙂

  • Can’t wait to read it

  • Got tickets to see you in SF. Looking forward to it.

  • Thank you so much for writing Wildflower! I am truly enjoying it. It’s the first book I’ve read since my brain surgery.

  • See you at the grove!

  • It must be weird to read about your famil line on the internet. I think its cool! Wow, very impressive!

  • Was so glad I got to meet you at the Castro!-Henry Lostaunau