Did you know #FLOWERBeauty has expanded?…

March 11, 2017
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Did you know #FLOWERBeauty has expanded? Let us introduce #DrewBarrymore’s FLOWER Eyewear!!

Check us out and tell us which pair of Sunnies and Optic frames are your favorite!! bit.ly/1IsSOQP

Available exclusively at Walmart

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  • Drew you have style!!

  • how i loved you more than you have ever thought yet and more than any man one day has been loving a woman ever and for ever


  • Drew could still kick ass in all those frames she’s wearing the vaentino, bw ones, where she’s so on a mission and the floral ones, just because it’s floral background doesn’t mean it’s hippy or anything it’s just girly. They must be related drew and aurelie claudel the french barely heard of supermodel. If this was posted on 7th august. That’s all I’m saying. Peace.

  • i love you drew forever

  • Hey drew get married to Adam sandler

  • How can we purchase products outside of America? Love Drew & would love to purchase her products!

  • Love the Flower commercial I saw today. Seriously well done, Drew! <3

  • Drew? Remember Macaulay Culkin play Billy Livingstone from the movie See You In The Morning (1989)? Macaulay’s birthday is today (Aug. 26). http://media.baselineresearch.com/images/75459/75459_full.jpg

  • I am also another person who is very disapointed you are connected with Wal-Mart! Largest law suit for pay discrimination against women, anti-union and anti workers rights. Globally discrimatory against workers…. I am sad you chose to associate with them.

  • Disappointed that you are connected to Walmart

  • What a TOTAL disappointment. I’ve always considered Drew to be an intelligent, very focused, talented strong woman, who some how managed to maintain some intelligence in her craft. How does one go from bringing light to something obscure like Grey Gardens, to selling shitty glasses at Walmart? Walmart? Really? You’re intelligent enough to know what this company represents. I am kinda grossed out and disappointed. I get it…you need to make money to live. But what happened to ethics and knowing what you’re promoting? This is NOT the Drew I’ve grown to respect! You’ve lost a bit of the respect I sort of built up for you. Walmart is disgusting…and you just bought into the problem!

  • Walmart? So much for all those years posing as a hippie.

  • Disappointed you’ve joined Tavis Smiley in sucking at the teat of Wal-Mart.

  • Wal-mart?? Really, Drew?! Very disappointed. Boycott Wal-Mart! The richest family in the US getting richer off low wages, corporate welfare and cheap crap made in China.

  • Really advertising for Wal-Mart!?!

  • Drew grrrrrl please look at you all grown up and spectacular. I have grown up watching you on screen from E .T.to now .you are absolutely one of the best actresses out there your beautiful and funny and those two are best qualities you can have in Hollywood or just in general .as a little girl I always thought of being an actress but I guess because I had no one out there to encourage me I failed at making that dream a reality .hope your just as funny when your eighty some actors and actresses loose their humor don’t ever loose yours .

  • can’t wait to save up enough to get my new prescription and try your new eyewear that look awesome, I need a new me to evolve and soon 🙂

  • Drew is so gorgeous! Love her new optical line! She is such a great designer.

  • Drew, you sold out… to Wal-Mart. WTF??? Just lost my respect.

  • Your eyeglasses should say moon instead of optical

  • I adore you!

  • Yum! I just want to taste.