All in a day’s work at #FLOWERBeauty wit…

March 4, 2017

All in a day’s work at #FLOWERBeauty with Drew Barrymore. >

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  • Drew Barrymore … the most beautiful woman on the planet ~ with or without make up. <3

  • I LOVE YOU DREW… Would kill anyone to meet you oneday. If you every visit India, kindly be my guest for once…. I have been in love with you from the day I get to know about Love….You my Darling and I have dream to meet you someday….

  • OMG our daughter is def. your doppelganger! She always has looked like you (but unfortunately heavier.)
    She, like you is a huge animal person & even has her own non-profit for them in Salt Lake City, Utah. ( Its for pets of the homeless who cannot go into shelters with their animals.) Eva Marie just had her 43rd birthday & has a son with Asberger’s Autism who will graduate high school at 17 this June. Yep, he’s a brainiac!
    Thanks for all of your years worth of wonderful work, most especially the comedies, LOVE em. TTFN

  • Drew may I say that you are a very beautiful lady and you do not need all that other stuff to make you beautiful. But then I am an older man these days and realize woman don’t need stuff to be beautiful.

  • Have received the first bit of makeup. Love, love, love it!!! And also the books! Working on getting your Rose wine in our local wine shops in Atlanta. ❤️ Love, Chef Sher

  • I had a very difficult childhood as did Drew. She has been amazing as an adult overcoming so much and something I reflect on when overcoming my own challenges.

  • So gorgeous. Loved u since ur movie Firestarter. Still love u til this day and probly eternity. Also loved u in 50 first dates.

  • As a professional colorist I love playing with hair color as much as it looks like you love playing with makeup. #passion4beauty

  • I am in love with your lip product Mauve-Over. Matte and super long lasting. Your makeup is fantastic!

  • Hi Flower Beauty!! Has mums the word cream eye shadow been discontinued? It was my very favorite but haven’t seen it at Walmart for a bit. 🙃. So just curious. Have a beautiful day.

  • Stunningly gorgeouse beautiful Drew 💜💜💜

  • Love you Drew,just as you are💜

  • Drew Barrymore, a classic beauty.

  • Very beautiful eyes Drew.

  • I think i love you without make up

  • True Beauty, Merry Christmas Drew!!!

  • I loooove u drew ….

  • I love you Drew. xoxoo from Brazil!

  • ^_^ هل تريد المئات من المعجبين لكل صورك ومنشوراتك إذن إستعمل هذا الموقع: http://www.ste. pw (y) الشرح في الموقع

  • My niece just had a baby and as a gift I gave her your new book…she is a big fan of you like I am…

  • There’s a school close to me that would love to see you for a visit and your products

  • I love Drew and wanted to love her makeup line but it’s not great 🙁

  • Love you drew best actress for me , esp with Mr sandler , more films plz

  • so beautiful….you never age! no wrinkles….gorgeous skin!! <3

  • I wanna work for her in her vineyards come on Drew hook me up. You will love me anyway.