Love the idea of this beautiful keepsake…

February 17, 2017

Love the idea of this beautiful keepsake that’s actually functional and having a simple reminder of the most important things in life throughout your day. For me, it’s a photo of me and my daughter. You can add any photo or memory you want on Shutterfly.

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  • si a vos te hace feliz recordar cosas vividas a lo largo de tu vida y si te ves vos con tu hija o con quién vos quieras está muy bien porque es tu vida ,,,,no se porque tiene q haber gente negativa que tiene q mandar a terapia a otros….a esa persona perfecta que no pierda el tiempo comentando y que se lo dedique a su perfecta familia.

    I watched you on Ellen and you talked about your book of hearts. I shared this with my granddaughter and get and I find them in some of the most random and beautiful places.
    Thank you for giving me the best idea of something to share with her.
    Peace and Blessings to you and your

  • Duas palavras, de amor, que se aplicam a ti: singeleza e ternura. Podes ser assim adjetivada: singela e terna. É o meu parecer, ou o que percebo te vendo de “telescópio”, mas com as tuas fotos, tão bem focadas, é possível um pouco profundamente como num “microscópio”.* “…o amor junta os pedaços / quando um coração se quebra / mesmo que seja de aço / mesmo que seja de pedra / e fica tão cicatrizado / que ninguém diz que é colado…” (Ivan Lins-Brazil). Love is glue, love is blue.

  • It truly is a perfect reminder of them memories that are important to us all in our daily lives. You have always had a creative eye. Nicely done!

  • Putting the finishing touches on my book wanted consent to use your likeness for the cover

  • Loving the new range of bedroom items on shutter fly. Do they ship to the uk? X

  • she still needs that therapy to understand how not to fear being a complete family unit with her husband!!! She digusts me… now her little girls still grow up with another dysfunctional mother!!!!! .. and don’t learn themselves how to love in a cohesive happy family unit… that’s what you failed to do Drew… !!!! all those messed up years.. and you’ve never gone though the necessary Therapy NOT TO FEAR FAMILY INTIMACY WITH A LOVING HUSBAND AND FATHER!!!!!

  • Its always nice to see reminders of our children and the ones we love and are blessed to have in are life.

  • You are so Beautiful, im sure you hear it all the time..but you are..and a great thesbian as well

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  • The little things that keeps our sanity

  • Is that a paper weight

  • That’s pretty Drew Barrymore

  • When is tv show FIRST DATES, going to air?

  • Does anyone have a coupon code?

  • 🌟 Have a wonderful day!

  • That is a good idea

  • À Nice Day to u drew xxx

  • Where can I get this? I absolutely love it!

  • Now watching 50 First Date 🙂 ♡♡♡♡♡

  • Love u

  • Awesomeness!.And you are awesome..Deeply.