Happy mothers a day weekend!!!!!!!!! I’m…

February 22, 2017

Happy mothers a day weekend!!!!!!!!! I’m So excited that FLOWER Beauty and 1-800-Flowers.com have gotten together to partner for Mother’s Day! If you would like to win flowers and makeup for your mom, see the details below. And again, happy Mother’s Day! My favorite day of the year now.

To Enter: Share a pic of your mom/mother/mother figure you’d love to nominate as the #bestmomever on Twitter or Instagram. Be sure to also include #sweepstakes and follow @FLOWERBeauty & 1-800-Flowers.com . Two winners will winners will receive the Blush & Bloom bouquet and FLOWER Beauty products.

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  • Dear Drew happy mothers day! I was going through a collection of old books and I came across one called the works of Shakespeare. It was dedicated to John Barrymore. Absolutely priceless.

  • Mother, you have only one Mother – paitecent kind and true, no other one in all the world would do as much as for you. X

  • What’s Up (Hi) (Hello) Drew Barrymore. Let Me Say This, As Usual, Is That Time Of The Year. I Really Like Nor Want To Take This Moment To Wish You A Very Happy Mother’s Day (2016). You Be Safe, Enjoy Your Mother’s Day, Enjoy Your Day, Enjoy Your Night, Have A Good One, Take Care And Also, God Bless!!

  • Got ur book, can’t wait to read. Happy Mother’s Day 😘💖

  • Can’t wait to come over to USA to buy all your products. Happy mothers day 💟

  • Beautiful Drew – happy mothers day to you gorgeous lady! May your day be blessed with love and laughter with your sweet little girls #drewbarrymore #flowerbeauty #flowerpetals #bosslady 💜🌹🌸🌺🌻🌼🌷

  • happy mothers day to u with love and deep kisses . u r the best and beautiful actress in this planet

  • Happy Mother’s day…..with love!

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  • A huge happiest mother’s day to you #DrewBarrymore we love you girl.

  • Back Atcha! <3 (I'm a little slow, hahaha)

  • you are the most beautiful I have ever seen in this world

  • hello ..mbak drew..piye kabare…ini dr indonesia..ngobrol apa tah apa…dr sekian aktris…yg plng..catherine zeta jones…n drew barrymore…film yg plng mngesankn ktika balita scream histeria..mnjd ikon acting ekspresif acuan kaum childis…cantik ,tomboi..jiwa bebas n jujur…tipikal cocok..dg chaterine zeta jones…terlihat lbh formal n agk dingin..terkesan intelek n berwibawa..berparas cantik natural..matany n rambutny…posturny..charm-ny itu lho…cocok diposisi borjuis..beda tipikal..ngomong donk..ni lugas..jngnkn jawa..hollywood-pun boleh digoyang gosip…katany mau di-whats-app..ni via kalamun touch screen..sorot mata drew barrymore mnyelidik..ekspresiny jujur n sprt mnutupi kesedihn …singkat kata..jngn merusak kondisi suasana..friendly n biarlah daku saja yg merasakn derita ini loe loe pade kgk prlu tahu n cukup nikmati hidup ini..ok drew…translate…i am hre fr u…i cant hide but i can hear u..frm dppr my heart i am try to be honestyman …ngomong donk…the world its not enough if you stop ..dont stop me now cz i cant stop ‘invite” …

  • Your my favorite day of the year every day drew
    Sorry I have no bestmomever to enter sweepstakes
    I do hope you n your daughters spend some quality time together for Mother’s Day
    Big hug to you

  • Drew Barrymore Happy Mother’s Day to you! ❤️

  • Wonderful idea! Happy Mothers Day!

  • Happy Mother’s Day to you as well🌹

  • Happy mother’s day Drew

  • Thanks Drew Barryore

  • Don’t forget you, toujour!

  • Aww thank you!

  • hello Drew … God bless you!😁😁