Good morning glory! Happy Tuesday everyo…

February 20, 2017

Good morning glory! Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  • It’s late into the evening here in the UK, our politicians are busy thrashing it out in a football stadium about how we should vote on Thursday … Your beautiful flower is a breath of fresh air, so I’ll take that happy Tuesday :-)))

  • Good evening Drew. Hope that when you get this you’ll be reading it with a smile and knowing that someone is just happy knowing you’re still in this world being .. You! Keep on keepin’ on and know you’re well thought of! PEACE

  • You’ll probably never see this if this is even the real drew barrymore but I love you your my favorite actress I always wanted to be like you when I was growing up I love every movie you do I’m grown and married now with kids of my own but I still want to be like you -*Nicole*-

  • If you ever want to feel like a”regular ordinary” person, I got a little place you hang out out, believe me, no one will bother you or really even notice or care what your doing. I sure do get bored being me sometimes, but I think I would really get tired of being famous. Im really not sure, it’s not like I’ll ever need to worry about that, tee, hee, hee. Hmu if you want to check out the drab life.

  • Woke up to this after my last reconstruction surgery after battling breast cancer the past year. Made me smile. Thank you. It’s the little things…

  • Nice, just happen to find your Facebook & was touched. Lovely flower! Hope you don’t mind me saying, I admired your Great Aunt, Ethel Barrymore saw a picture of her when she was young…I just could’t believe the strong resemblance you have to her…& that’s what brought me to your & FB. Your belong to a long history of actor’s! So very awesome…

  • I love growing petunias, and other big spring and summer flowers, they feel so velvet soft and smell Sooo CLEAN and good! 🙂

  • You are on my mind heavy for some reason. Whatever is going on know I’m praying for you and all will be well! Hugs and love…Aunt b

  • Okay, I need ALL YOUR HELP! As you may or may not know my book was optioned for film by DREAMWORKS, but in order to make this book to film fly, I need you all to help me bring Drew Barrymore to the project. If I could ever get to her, I think she would see how much we have in common. At this point in my life I would like to see all my life’s work come to fruition before I die. You think I’m kidding, I’m not, but I didn’t get anywhere with out doing crazy shenanigans to bring attention to my cause that, BOOKS CHANGE PEOPLES LIVES FOR THE BETTER! So if you all could seriously help me get word out we are looking for a big star, like for me, DREW BARRYMORE, and a director who loves authors, books, literacy, and reading as much as I do then my life’s work will live on in film. I so thought this was a done deal but it’s not, I need some help to make my book to film fly. If you know someone who could help me, pass it on. This is for all of YOU, I could never have done any of this without all my Pulpwood Queen Book Club members, our Authors, our AUTHORS, we have made book buddies for a lifetime. So I am asking, if it does not fly then God has another plan for me. But as long as I am living I will to the end of my days promote authors, books, literacy, and reading, those things have saved my life and it’s not over until The Pulpwood Queens SINGS! #thepulpwoodqueens

  • I was watching an episode of “Gunsmoke” from season 15 (episode 6) with Earl Holliman, when I saw a little girl that I swear could have been you…until I saw the date…1969.

  • First post I ever have seen from you on Facebook! I have been in love with you since I was five and have followed your successes since way back then. Lol! I hope your day is blessed and full of beauty Drew. And for all that you love and care for, many blessings…

  • Some of the prettiest flowers you will ever see….thank you for sharing…..

  • Wow I just took a similar photo on my evening run/walk! Beautiful-Henry Lostaunau

  • Good morning Drew! This mom and babe will be in LA this Monday. Cannot wait. It’s our 9th year in China …

  • Good morning from the Jersey Shore! Our Tribe loves you!☺

  • Good evening from UK. Please can you let us know where in UK I can get your wine? My wine rack is in need of a few bottles 😀🍷

  • After posting” glory day” an hour ago which I never have done before I have been drawn to your page which never happens. Scary! Ironic!

  • Well Itz Wednesday Morning 1:43AM in the India… Happy Morning Drew

  • Leviticus 19:28 ‘You shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor tattoo any marks on you: I am the Lord.

  • Woah. It’s 1:30AM in the Philippines. Well, good morning to you too, Miss Drew. 🙂

  • Hi Drew, the flower is not nearly as beautiful as you !! Love your smiles 😃. Have a great day.

  • hola linda che vos ves lo que escribimos nosotros porque te pedi que hicieran un perfume para hombres y nada publicaste vino un beso amiga contestame!!!!

  • Hey girl hope your enjoying your day it’s hot as a mother out here lol

  • thank you Beautiful Flower,I’m so in love with all your products I’ve tried!

  • that is sweet nice pic drew ,hope u had a great morning