@Children’s Hospital Los Angeles holds a…

February 11, 2017

@Children’s Hospital Los Angeles holds a special place in my heart because of kids like Saylor. She was born with a life-threatening heart defect, but thankfully, CHLA has been by her side. This #GivingTuesday, I encourage you to read Saylor’s story and see exactly why your support is needed. http://bit.ly/chla-saylor #LiveLAGiveLA

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  • Good evening young lady hope your doing well these holidays with you and your family yes it is true you have a sincere heart but I wanted to know when are you going to come out with more movies like Charlie’s Angel 50 First Dates Blended and otherwise keep on doing the good work in waiver form what movies come out in look forward to seeing them with my daughter

  • Yes charity is good. But why is it that people like Drew that have millions aren’t doing the big part instead of asking people that barely make ends meet to donate their hard earned money everyday. I don’t see anyone offering to help us with our financial burdens with our medical bills. No we have to lump it.

  • You have the biggest heart Drew. My dad knew you when you were young and new to acting. He worked with the film crew in NC. He told me all kinds of amazing stories about you and that you were the sweetest little girl. He said you would talk to him all the time. Stay blessed and doing amazing things like this!

  • How thoughtful. One of my boys Teddy was born with a heart defect but after open heart surgery he’s doing just great….. he’s the big 4 and in school now.

  • ربنا يشفي كل مريض يارب يارب . لا حول ولا قوة الا بالله العالي العظيم الحمد الله والنعمة يارب لك الحمد والشكر يارب الحمد الله الذي عافني بما ابتلي بية غيري وفضلني عن كثيراً من عبادة الصالحين يارب اشفي كل مريض يارب يارب يارب الحمد الله والنعمة لله .
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  • Thank you for the continuous support and for sharing just how amazing Saylor is!

  • Drew Barrymore, you have a good heart and I love you for that. Kids needs more help than us. Some of them don’t get the chance to have a full life and some do. Kids suffer more than us and we need to be there for the kids. Drew Barrymore, thank you for what you’re doing to the kids. 🙂

  • Children’s Hospital saved my great granddaughter’s life. They were so wonderful there. I can’t put into words the apriciation I have for them.

  • Awwww. This made my day after having a horrible day at work. You are such a refreshing ray of sunshine ☀️ You have such a beautiful heart 💜

  • Love to see you have liked watching your films since fire stater, e.t your a wonderful actress love all movies with Adam Sandler

  • How much money does one person need you could buy a toy for every kid in every hospital in the state instead of getting paid more money to ask people that will never be able to earn as much money as you have right now in their lifetime for theirs, so when you actor’s call it leading yourself to charities why don’t you actually be charitable and not make money off of them and then there would be more money for the charity!

  • Charming fairy Drew Barrymore! The winter, sweeps a blizzard and snowstorm. Can be to you the Snow queen it is time to become? The fairy tale New Year’s will come soon and magic miracles will begin.

  • What a beautiful picture of you and Saylor. I am sure you left her with fond memories which hopefully inspire her the remainder of her years.

  • So happy to see you out helping others. You make a difference

  • Drew you have such a big heart keep up the great work you are doing

  • Drew you are so lovable…

  • 1 in 100 kid are born with congenital heart defects. My babe is one of them <3

  • Do good work Drew.

  • Drew your such a beautiful person that I’ve loved my whole life
    Keep it up darling

  • Beautiful picture of the 2 of you drew and its great to see you out helping the kids
    Well done beautiful

  • 🌹🌹

  • Bless you always for the kindness in your heart not to mention your soul . God bless you Hun

  • God bless you beautiful, I am wishing you a very Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year

  • Thank you Drew!!! Your one of a kind… God bless the children!!!

  • Great job Drew. God has blessed you and your charity. Have a great day