What have you got to lose? The #SantaCl…

February 8, 2017

What have you got to lose? The #SantaClaritaDiet Try it! #netflix

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  • For a minute I thought this was an advertisement for a real diet and was about to sign up! 😂😂 that’s what happens when you don’t pay attention 😳😳

  • I love your beautiful face and your personality, I will pick you in all my movies that I want to direct, ha ha! except, I’m sit back and enjoy all that you bless us with. So,,, do your thing and go far where you think, you don’t belong because I found out that God help us when we are in our worse time in life so let the light shine In the dark spot! Love your work and wish you visit like a sister to a brother haha ya know haha but life has his tail to follow,, Cheers and God bless to you and family

  • Guys

    Recently a coach full of school kids, travelling from a skiing holiday in France, collided with a motorway barrier. The coach burst into flames, and 16 children eventually died in the blaze.


    The teacher, who was escorting the kids, Gyorgy Vigh, escaped from the coach saving some of the children as he fled the flames. As he looked back at the coach he observed that the epicentre of the fire was where his kids had been sitting. The fire was that bad that Gyorgy had to accept that his children were beyond saving. He immediately turned his efforts towards saving the remaining children. Gyorgy managed to save numerous kids but suffered serious burns in the process. Not only will this brave brave man have to recover from his horrendous injuries, but he will also have to bury his two children. I want to show some solidarity with this hero, as I am sure most parents would. The reason I write this post is that I have started a gofundme page with a view to raising the money to cover the repatriation of his kids bodies and to pay for the funerals. Any residual funds would go to helping Mr Vigh recover from his injuries. Please can anyone who reads this please put this out on your social media platforms, to advertise the campaign.


  • Ho DB, I just started reading or listening your audiobook, oh my gosh I am enjoying it so much that I haven’t stop since this morning. Congratulations for this beautiful creation. Warm Blessings.

  • Drew, Hi. Michael. I have an idea for a new type of entertainment. groundbreaking. the cost to make the movie-like entertainment would be minimal (thanks to digital) and the massive, astounding amount of editing would be on my shoulders. And I still think we could knock out this product in two days (which means four-and-a-half-weeks) but I want the patent for the comfy chair, no Spanish Inquisition required. (501) 408-6320 celluloid love. cell’ ardour.

  • So you were in Germany and complained that you were afraid to speak or have an opinion because of our new President. You are an ENTERTAINER, so entertain us. But reading about your upcoming Zombie movie, looks like these are the new roles for you?? Give your new President a chance. I am not a Hillary fan, I guess you are. I will never forgive her for not sending help to Benghazi, when the Ambassador asked for it. These people would still be alive. Glad you think so little about life. I used to like you, but now I have no use for you.

  • I bet a Small cup of Timmy’s coffee that Drew never reads this. If you do. Good one. I am subscribed to Netflix. I use the 55 inch ultra HDTV it’s a smart one. I use it for the clear high quality sound. I have a Digital to analog audio converter hooked to a Technics EQ to boost and tweek the signal a bit before conection to an old Sony Digital Delayed Dolby Prologic surround audio Video control center. I have a pare of Fostex reference monitor’s RM765 with the high set to max and the distance set for 4 feet. They are hooked up to channel A. For the center Speaker I have a tiny RCA center . The Surround speakers are a pair of I have no idea who made thems thay look good on the I have no Idea who made the stands there sitting on. I bought at the same place that the speakers that are hooked up to channel B a pair of Toshiba Speakers came from. I don’t think that the woofers are the ariginals. They look to dam clean. I prefer using the used pc made of old hand me downs. The reason is because I can control the over all valume from the blackweb wireless keyboard that I bought at Walmart. Ok that took some effort to one thumb this entire random explication of my home theater set up on my smartphone. I think I need that Coffee for myself now. By the way the tv is sitting on a fish tank stand because it just looks amazing that way.

  • At first I thought”Lost Boys” reboot but the name of that town was Santa Clara not Santa Clarita…So new vampire show that’s a comedy?

  • That falls under the caption of ‘There is a Sucker Born Everyday’. Get well soon Drew. P.S. I certainly like you rendition of ‘finger food’. Love your sense of humor; I see you have not lost your touch and ‘oooooo factor.’

  • She is great but if we were multi millionaires with personal trainers and could afford personal chefs I bet our diets would be amazing too

  • Drew B. Looking nice in the hot red dress. Surely I would make it a point to taste like a strawberry too. Sexy… Sweet yummy, Emo Derringer

  • I have never seen Drew any cuter, sexier or funnier. She’s a wonderful talent. Praises to you Drew. Hope the show gets renewed.

  • Charming Drew! The love is light! And than more than light in the person. And heart will fill light! The more than love and light will become around. Also bright stars – hearts around and around will be lit!

  • I thought this was a genuine advert for a second and I thought ‘Drew, what are you doing?’ Looks fab though.

  • Lets be HONEST, shall we, where were you when bill clinton was raping women?? with a cigar. why on earth dont you talk about that??

  • Drew Barrymore – Santa Clarita Diet TV Show Photocall in Madrid 1/19/ 2017 http://www.thefashionstyles.com/2017/01/20/drew-barrymore-santa-clarita-diet-tv-show-photocall-in-madrid-119-2017/

  • Omg do you have a show, I need to kiss these winter blahs away!!!

  • You always look fantastic! Will check this out on Netflix!

  • whenever Drew wants to lose weight she can come to my house and drop a few pounds on me

  • I love you’re work. My wife and I are big fans! Keep it going gorgeous lady. Love from Houston, TX!

  • I really Love this show Drew Barrymore. Its hilarious and great