Joel and Sheila Hammond…It’s a show ab…

February 8, 2017

Joel and Sheila Hammond…It’s a show about how to make it work! Now on Netflix! Drew Barrymore hits the small screen again in this dramatic and funny television series show. Watch her on the screen! Here is a video of her in the series.

Get those finger foods ready. 🍟 Santa Clarita Diet is now streaming, only on Netflix.

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  • So funny.,.caught myself laugh out loud…..and this old Nana usually avoids zombie productions! Good job guys! I’ve been binging this one all day!

  • Ten minutes in to the first episode and it’s love. Drews hair is sensational.

  • By episode 3, we were laughing out loud, very rare around for us. It’s not a show for kids or the squeamish, but we like its quirky, twisted, morbid humor. Definitely not your boring network TV sitcom.

  • 👎👎🏻👎🏽👎🏾👎🏿 So, so, SO very bad. Worst programming choice ever. I couldn’t get through first 15 mins. So, so, SO many better show choices available.

  • I better hurry up and binge watch this before i start seeing Facebook posts telling me how the season ends.

  • Oh I fell in love right with the “sooooo much vomit” comment. I highly recommend it for folks who love edgy camp. The creator is responsible for writing and producing most of the shows I have loved over the years, including My Name Is Earl, Better Off Ted and Andy Richter Controls the Universe. You can see a thread through all his work (including Alf and Dinosaurs) of camp, ridiculousness and dark humor juxtaposed with cheery delivery. Santa Clarita Diet tickled me and was not a one-note comedy. The premise was how to take care of the one you love when doing so illegal and immoral acts. Think Les Miserables set in the Valley with bread being replaced with fresh, human entrails. Revisit Victor Fresco’s work and you’ll find yourself slipping into a universe where absurdity is the norm. Loved this show and am hungry for more.

  • Absolutely love your new show!!! It’s silly, and funny. Just what I needed after all the politics talk going on. I binge watched 10 episodes yesterday.

  • First two episodes were kind of shocking because I wasn’t expecting so much gore, but passed the initial jolt I couldn’t stop watching. Hilarious show, made me forget my problems for a few hours. Now I wish I had paced myself, I’m all out of episodes!

  • I find it more disgusting than anything I’ve ever seen on the walking dead. After two episodes, I couldn’t begin a third. One starred it.

  • Drew 🌼 Drew….my what an awesome show. Just Love it so funny and Love seeing you in this role woooohooooo! Really was so happy it was you so we can see more of you! You have always been my fav as you remind me so much of my daughter. Hope you all have fun in the show can’t wait to see more! 🌼💗😘

  • This is one of the funniest shows in a long time. Love Drew Barrymore!!!! Laugh out loud funny, even the really gruesome stuff. Couldn’t stop laughing at the vomit scene. Great show.

  • santa clarita is a satanic community that worships the devil for a very long time seems fitting that drew would allow herself to be a puppet to the worship service lol but hey its hollyweird right???

  • I am getting ready to watch it now. Can’t wait. I love your stuff and this looks super fun. I really do love this new age of film and TV production. At 41 I love that there is so much great stuff to watch. <3 One Love

  • No one on your show pronounces the words realty and realtor correctly. Both words are 3 syllables, re al ty and re al tor. Not re la ty and re la tor as you said it.

  • I watched one episode this morning not knowing what it was. It was certainly weird. I might have to watch another now that I know it will be zombie humor !

  • Awful cast. I don’t mind DB as an actress, but the casting and script in this show is just awful. Why would an A list actor, and B list actress be in a show like this?

    The script writing and the way the cast acts just doesn’t seem very convincing to me. I almost feel like the director feeds them lines in between cuts, and they just act out the best they can in one take. I like the excessive blood and vomiting. All that stuff is fine. It’s like Evil Dead kind of, and i’m quite okay with that.

    I just can’t really get past the acting. Timothy Olyphant is one of my favorite actors. He’s incredible. Loved him in The Office as well. Drew Barrymore, she’s alright. I just don’t think she looks good anymore. She’s past her prime, and she’s just not convincing at all in this role. I can’t see her being the character she’s supposed to portray. I’m only up to episode 4, and i’ll continue watching to the end, but i figure i give my two cents. I really just don’t think the show is as good as the ratings reflect, but whatever. Everyone has their opinions.

  • You guys have been doing this a long time so do not read any of the negative comments they’re idiots!
    I can’t believe half the stuff that they are writing aarrggg!
    This is a hilarious show very clever, smart,funny we love it! Totally different from anything out there!
    Keep it up you guys we love the acting we love the Cast!
    Thank you for bringing some humor into our world!
    Love the shock Factor!
    We couldn’t stop watching it,
    We watch them all in 2 settings!
    And now we are addicted and we want more!!!

  • Can’t believe how much of SCV they got right (except Canyon High lol…I went there! G-Building never has lockers) about this place!!! From an SCV local I love it! Totally appreciated that you guys went to the little bar right next to Chi Chi’s lol!!

  • I just watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it. I really like both stars and Olyphant shows his range as an actor and has great comedic timing but after Raylan Givens, I never want to see him ever do comedy. He was such a bad ass.

  • Promoting cannibalism is sick and dark….whoever watches this supports these bloody rituals into mainstream consciousness…brainwashing and stupidity knows no bounds….(

  • Whew… I was just gonna say “you know what tv really needs? A zombie show because they haven’t quite beat that dead horse back to life yet”

  • We just finished, loved it.. love Drew. Reminded us a bit of Suburbia, maybe it’s the snarky daughter. Don’t make us wait forever for season 2. 🙂

  • Fantastic show…loving the banter around the couples relationship and how he’d do anything for her …couldn’t believe she ate Nathan Fillion ! lol xxx

  • Drew and Tim, we love your show but just want to say there is no I between the L and T in REALTOR. I am not being critical at all but please pronounce the word right. We love your show and keep up the good work! Your favorite REALTOR Association Executive! I can’t wait to see who Drew eats next!

  • Finally a zombie themed show I can stand to watch! Really great chemistry in this cast, too. Great balance of comedy, family, absurd and irreverent.