Drew Barrymore Santa Clarita Diet

February 8, 2017

Drew Barrymore Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix. All episodes will show on February 3.

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  • Hi Drew, I just binge watched your new show. I loved it!
    It is so new, different, fresh idea. I had trouble with your “food”
    Made my stomach turn a bit, not gonna lie a bit gross ….but the whole show is really funny. Good job Drew!!!..xxx

  • Love the show so far Drew Barrymore but what i find hard is not seeing you with Adam Sandler. i can watch the two of you over and over and always tear up. Keep up the amazing work you do.

  • Ok, so this show – is my new obession. It’s hilarious, and a great new twist on a “zombie” thing. I think that Joel is my favorite character – trying so hard to keep it together and deal..lol. Many thumbs up!

  • One of the most fabulous shows of the new year hysterical well written it’s perfect binge watched yesterday because I just couldn’t stop mazel tov on such a wonderful shower

  • You are amazing! Been a huge fan forever, but this is so great. Binging this weekend. I can’t help but wonder what you are really eating 😜

  • Just watched entire season on Netflix….I have not laughed so hard in a really long time ……omg. Sooooo funny….in a crass way….but who care …still funny as hell

  • It’s gross and funny. I stayed up all night on a work night binge watching it. Drew is funny. I hope they do another Charlies Angels

  • I binged watched lastnight….I loved it…such an awesome funny series…You are my favorite actress since ET….love love love the Santa Clarita Diet!

  • Oh my…hubby and I are on next to last episode. Binged all day:) So good…so gross! Thanks Drew!! P.S …love your wine:)

  • I’m just starting Watching your new series right now…On first episode. Already love it. That was a huge amount of puke….Your my favorite actress…Been in love with you since Firestarter…..And in 50 First Dates…Omg I named my cat Lucy cause I loved your character ..

  • Anyone who can stomach this, never mind get hooked on this…congratulations ‘they’ got to you! Next thing you know you’ll be buying human meat for hamburgers. Really sick

  • Damn you Drew Barrymore…It is 6 am and I am on Episode 5 and can not stop now😯 have to keep going 🙄 started out weird but really kicked in…Up until last one sun will be up 😴 …What hell going for it!!!!!!😁

  • Super unrelated; I hope that you read/hear this Drew, I am on a weekly basis, every couple days, told that ” I look and remind them of Drew Barrymoore” my only response at this point is that “Drew looks like me! Butthank you, that is a very nice compliments “.

  • Thank you Drew!!!! I have not been able to go to work this week due to a mild illness, the news has been so depressing feeling sad. Started binge watching Santa Clarita its so good to laugh!!!

  • Just binged watched it all in a day. Im in love with this show. Please please let there be a 2nd season. Drew Barrymore was on point as a mombie!!

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  • Just binged watched the first season and I love it!!! So glad you’re doing this, I’ve been a fan since i was little so it’s awesome seeing you do a show now! :3

  • Just binge watched it, now i’m left craving for more! Please let there be another series?

  • Thanks for the awesome weekend binge watch…..you haven’t changed a bit since “alligators in the sewers…”.

  • I am cracking up! Drew, you must’ve had SO MUCH fun filming this!

  • Love love love Santa Clarita Diet. Binge watched it all day. Hysterically funny – and gross – but so funny.