COON ALERT! Sheriff David Clarke Incites Racial Tension Again

January 19, 2017
Sheriff David Clarke – the relentless COON, incited racial tension likened to that of a ‘lynch mob’ at a Trump conference. Stating; ‘it is pitchfork and torches time in America!’
The Republican Party is the United States’ largest de facto white identity organization. Its primary electoral strategy for the last 50 years has consisted of using a combination of overt white racism and subtle “dog whistles” to win white voters.

Our government, our institutions are corrupt. Our IRS is going after law-abiding American groups who have different political views than the White House. The FBI, not the agents, but the higher-ups at the FBI colluding with the Clinton campaign. And it’s just amazing to me that my tweets — they’re pretty good, by the way — my tweets get more attention from the lame-stream media than Julian Assange and Wikileaks are getting right now. 

I’ll tell you what Wikileaks has got to be envious with all the attention my
tweets are getting. I said the other day maybe they should have started out
each week with this phrase: it is pitchfork and torches time in America! 

I tell you what, I’ve been to a lot of rallies all across the United States and
I cannot believe the enthusiasm and the energy that Donald Trump’s supporters
are exhibiting right now. This is amazing. And being a veteran of elections I
know that come election day your base has to be highly motivated, highly
energizing. You want them almost enraged where they can’t wait to get to the
polls to cast a vote for Donald J. Trump. 

Stay strong. Find new voters. Get them to the polls. Like I said, and I will
continue to say, it is pitchfork and torches time in America!

 The US, founded on white supremacist institutions and bigotry.
First of all, ‘no one’ on either
side has ‘ever’ talked about taking away or repealing the 2nd amendment.  Most of the US, wants
reasonable gun control laws, which if you read the US Constitution – the 2nd
Amendment explicitly allows for restrictions.
Having a federal background
check, restricting those on the terrorist watch list from getting guns
and closing the gun show loop hole all make sense. If you don’t have a felony
or are a terrorist, you would have no problem getting a gun. It takes some time
to get a credit card or driver’s license, and it should not be any easier to
get a gun.

Everyone who runs scared of
2nd Amendment rights, also often yell about the US’ security and
terrorism. Yet all of these risk deaths from gun violence; 30,000
deaths per year come from gun violence.

The UK with no guns has only a couple
hundred gun-related deaths per year. How do you explain that?  Is the UK not a free
country?  The UK also has more open borders than the US.
There is
also absolutely no reason for assault rifles. You shouldn’t be hunting with one, and a pistol or rifle is all you need to protect your
home or hunt.
Donald Trump’s KKK stamp of approval: The Klan gives a de facto endorsement to the Trump campaign on the front page of its newspaper

On the real vision people need to be scared; this country is founded
on the 1st amendment, freedom of speech. Yet Donald Trump demonizing the media,
restricting journalism he doesn’t like, threatening to open up liable laws to
go after journalist, are all signs of his desire to restrict the 1st Amendment.
His consistent lie telling in the light of media demonizing and journalist
restrictions is the definition of government controlled propaganda. That’s the thing
that should keep you up at night.
As well as his disregard for the law,
challenges to our judicial system, thoughts of replacing the generals,
disrespect for the judicial system, desire to implement racial tests for
immigration and his blame for a whole set of societal working class woes on
another class of people.
New research by political scientist Michael Tesler, shows the power
of this strategy: “Old-fashioned” overt racism now predicts if a given white
voter will support the Republican Party. Public opinion polling data from
Reuters/Ipso has revealed that Trump’s supporters are more likely than
other Republican voters to believe that black people are more “criminal,”
“unintelligent,” “lazy” and “violent” than white people. Demographics are
important here as well: The Republican Party’s base is about 90 percent white
while the Democratic Party’s constituency is multiracial and
Donald Trump is the current standard bearer for the
Republican Party and a political moment when conservatism and racism are now
fully and nakedly one and the same thing. This is why white nationalists such
as David Duke — as well as the other bigots and hatemongers who constitute the
so-called alt right — have flocked to Trump’s candidacy and embraced him as
their champion and delivery system for mainstreaming their regressive white
supremacist beliefs into the American body politic.
Moreover, this is not a claim that Trump is guilty
by mere association or endorsement. Trump’s proposed policies are racist and nativist:
He has suggested that Hispanic and Latino “illegal” immigrants are running amok
in the street while they kill and rape white people. He believes that
African-Americans in the age of Obama live in a dystopic hell worse
than slavery and Jim and Jane Crow. And in violation of the Constitution he
wants to ban Muslims from the United States while placing the ones already here
on an enemies’ list.

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